Welcome to Tiny Land

This is the world's tiniest online RPG! A vast open world with quests and monsters in less than 600kb!

In Tiny Land you're a warrior, ready to face lot's of enemies and embrace several quests in an open world online game!

Gear up and gather a bunch a of xp, because this tiny adventure is about to begin!


Tiny Land is a map of 10x10 rooms, the combat is based on touching enemies in a very grindy way. The further you go from the spawn point, the harder the enemies are.

The game is fully online, and everything you do is saved localy on your computer/browser.

This is a work in progess and has very simple mechanics, so don't expect anything complex, it's all tiny.

Be a part of this world!

One of the coolest things of Tiny Land, is that it is an open source project. Which means you can help improve the land!

Just click here and write this story with us!

Special thanks to all donators:

And thank you for playing!

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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags8-Bit, html5, Minimalist, MMORPG, Multiplayer, Open World, tiny, web
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer
LinksSource code


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I wanna thank all students of mr. Groeneveld for playing Tiny Land :)

picture of our meeting at the bridge


[Starter Location City Annousements and Mechants]

( Offer your services, for example, farm assistance, bargaining or something like that )

{ If the creator of the game is reading this, then firstly: thank you for a cozy and fun game, and secondly: if you are not satisfied with this comment, please, after deleting it, can you open access to the "community" to collect role-playing elements there? they would be a very interesting addition to the gameplay :3


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at about 9 AM (NY), I, a low-level merchant sir_frog, will be at the starting location! Do you have any armor? or maybe you have a lot of food, but no armor? it doesn't matter! despite the fact that I work only up to 10 hours, I will certainly find the right product! (certified!)

Of course, I'm not a bot, so I can't ALWAYS be in touch, besides, if I'm online, but not in the starting location, then most likely I will farm future goods... btw, I will be happy to help you clear your inventory of junk stuffed on the way to the quest :)

Praise the diguifi, our Lord!


I bless you sir_frog. Thank you for your services in Tiny Land.

You are our only hope for trading in a world where there's no NPC shops yet. Food is a vital resource in this land, since stronger enemies can easily take half your health in a single hit.

And gear is also very needed since it's the foundation of every successful warrior with the highest stats possible.

Tiny Land is forever grateful to your store.


This idea is amazing, create a small online game! I enjoyed drawing my own character. Congratulations for the game!